harnessing the potential of AI

to drive web3 initiatives and communities forward.

our mission

dedicated to pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence on the blockchain

Our mission is to develop and deploy cutting-edge AI solutions that enhance the web3 ecosystem, providing accessible, secure, and intelligent tools that drive growth, foster community engagement, and pave the way for a future where technology and human creativity to flourish together.

our solutions

unlock unprecedented possibilities with cardanoGPT

General Knowledge Discord ChatBot

CardanoGPT, inspired by Girolamo Cardano, is a beta-phase AI chatbot providing real-time answers and offering content generation, image interpretation, voice recognition and more. Exclusive access for CGI token holders (meeting threshold).


Custom Bot Development

CardanoGPT builds smart chatbots for businesses. These chatbots can handle tasks like social media management, customer service, and data analysis.


X Chatbot

AskGirolamo is your one-stop shop for Cardano info on X. Get instant answers and stay updated on the Cardano ecosystem, all within X.


AI Powered Writing Platform

CardanoGPT redefines content creation. Our AI writing platform (first on blockchain!) empowers bloggers, marketers, and businesses to craft high-impact content.

Our ecosystem

At the heart of cardanoGPT ecosystem is the CGI token

The utility token and key to accessing all cardanoGPT Al products, staking and inclusive CardanoGPT DAO.

Providing Liquidity and Farming CGI

CardanoGPT offers users the opportunity to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities. By providing liquidity to CGI liquidity pool and engaging in yield farming, users can earn rewards in CGI & WRT tokens while supporting CGI token liquidity.

CGI Staking Unlock the Power of Your CGI Tokens

Join the CardanoGPT staking journey and transform your CGI tokens into a key to exclusive benefits within our ecosystem. By staking CGI, you not only earn rewards but also gain special access and privileges.

locked staking mechanism

Transferable staking keys

Beyond staking, your stake keys is transferable, allowing you to sell on secondary markets and pass on the staking benefits to new holders.

Governance & Decision-Making

CGI token holders who engage in staking are afforded the opportunity to actively participate in the governance of the CardanoGPT ecosystem. As members of the DAO, they are empowered to propose, deliberate upon, and cast votes on pivotal changes, enhancements, and strategic directions. This functionality underscores the importance of community involvement, ensuring that stakeholders have a significant voice in determining the future trajectory of CardanoGPT.

CGI Token

Powering the CardanoGPT Ecosystem

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